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The Great Debate: 'Surveying is Not Spatial'

Panel Presentation Panel

Note: this presentation was presented on Friday, 26 October 2018. This page is for archival references only.

Watch and interact with industry experts debate for and against that surveying is not spatial. Participate in anonymous online pollings and see what your fellow peers think.

Time & Room
4.15 pm–4.55 pm in Ballroom B

Date & Venue
Friday, 26 October 2018 at the Hilton Adelaide

Other Speakers

Affirmative Team:
Mr Richard Abbot (Licensed Surveyor); Assoc Prof Neil Coffee (University of Canberra); Mr Peter Kentish (former Surveyor-General of the State of South Australia 1993–2012).

Opposing Team:
Mr Gary Maguire (Department of the Premier and Cabinet); Ms Genine Meredith (University of South Australia); Ms Annmarie Mabarrack (City of Marion).

Special Guest:
Assoc Prof David Bruce (University of South Australia and Flinders University).

Ms Sharon Ferrier (Persuasive Presentations).

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