Privacy guidelines


When you buy tickets

We collect and retain your contact information (name and email address) for the purpose of:

  • keeping you informed about future Spatial Information Day and APSEA-SA events;
  • keeping you informed about other selected SSSI events; and
  • sharing your contact information with sponsors of Spatial Information Day and APSEA-SA.

You can opt out of receiving these communications during the registration process.


When you submit an abstract

We collect and store information that you provide on our submission form. We ask minimal information about you: your name, organisation, email and phone number.

This data is stored in a database in Melbourne, Australia.

How we use your data

Before and during the program season

We use your information to:

  • Correctly identify and attribute your authorship, both in public and within the Spatial Information Day committee; and
  • To communicate with you when appropriate, for example, informing your acceptance or rejection into the program, or obtaining more details about your abstract.

If accepted into the program, the following will be communicated to the public on our website and apps:

  • Your name;
  • Your organisation;
  • Your abstract (title, summary and full abstract);
  • Your job position (if you explicitly provide);
  • Your social media (if you explicitly provide); and
  • Your presentation in PDF after the conference (if you explicitly agree).
After the program season

Your basic information will be recorded in our digital archive for the public to access. This information will contain:

  • Your salutation, first and last name;
  • Your organisation;
  • Your abstract title; and
  • Your presentation in PDF (if you explicitly agree).

Everything else will be purged from our online system.

Updating your information

You can update your information by contacting the committee via email or phone, or logging into our speakers' dashboard using your abstract ID and email (for the current season).

Best speaker nominations

When you participate in the online program

You can participate in nominating for best speaker. Clicking on the vote button will increase the counter for the respective presenter. We use only cookies to enhance this experience. We do not collect any information about you. All nominations are anonymous.

Android and iOS apps

When you use the SID smartphone apps

We do not collect or transmit information about you. The apps connect to the Spatial Information Day website to download information to make the apps serve their purpose:

  • To satisfy our delegates by providing them a convenient method to access the program; and
  • To satisfy our sponsors by displaying their names to say thanks.

Error reporting

The apps may unexpectedly terminate during use due to glitches. We use software to collect and send error reports to their service. The purpose is to:

  • Better understand the technical problem; and
  • Know where to fix the problem to provide a better user experience in subsequent releases.

These error reports are anonymous. collects:

  • Your phone's operating system version;
  • The date and time of the error; and
  • The error messages.

Last content revision: 14 December 2019