2008 summary

Spatial Information Day 2008 was held on Friday 8 August 2008 at the National Wine Centre of Australia.

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Session name Presenter Company
[Keynote] Future Directions in the Spatial Industry Renee Bartolo Spatial Sciences Institute (SSI)
[Keynote] Achieving Excellence in the Spatial Information Industry Through Partnerships: the Western Australian Phenomenon Marnie Leybourne WALIS
Analysing Landscape Futures for Dryland Agricultural Areas: A Case Study in the Lower Murray Region of Southern Australia Brett Bryan CSIRO Land and Water
Ecological Mapping of the City of Tea Tree Gully Catherine Miles and Angela London Rural Solutions SA
Achieving Multiple Benefit from Irrigation Landscape Reconfiguration in the Murray Darling Basin Neville Crossman CSIRO Land and Water
Unlocking the "Where" in Business Intelligence David McDonald and Dave Gerner Tonkin Consulting
Spatial Delineation of Residential Real Estate Submarket Boundaries Tony Lockwood University of South Australia
Geological Survey GIS and 3D Geological Models Laszlo Katona Primary Industries and Resources South Australia
Spatial Sciences Institute Young Professionals Jason Dreimanis, Simon Callaghan and Bronwen Bowskill
Designing a Course in Surveying and Spatial Information for Generation Y Craig Roberts University of New South Wales
Objective Unsupervised Classification of Gamma Radiometrics and Topography for Mapping Clay Content Ramesh Raja Segaran University of Adelaide
The Unexpected Demise of High-resolution Satellite Imagery Mark Deuter AEROmetrex
Remote Sensing Megan Lewis University of Adelaide
Provision of First Nations Land and Resource Information Gateway Dugald Smith Integrated Land Management Bureau (British Columbia, Canada)
Aboriginal Remote Community Assets - Capture and Communicate Stephen Retallack Department for Families and Communities
The COSI (Checking of Site Information) Project: Participative Management of Aboriginal Heritage Information Nukunu Peoples' Council Peter Birt and Rita Kucera Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Rural Property Addressing. A Sign of Things to Come Jeff Laubsch Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure
Toward a Survey Accurate Cadastre: Land Services Group - Spatial Enablement Project Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure
Updating SA Native Vegetation Mapping Using Landsat Imagery Classification Felicity Smith Department for Environment and Heritage
Proposed Project Overview of the Implementation of a Public GIS Portal for Members of the Community Adrian Ballestrin City of Tea Tree Gully
MapIQ - Integrating Spatial and Business Knowledge for Improved Customer Service Nick Weinmann Department forFamilies andCommunities
Mashups: What are They and How Can I Benefit? Phil Punter Esri Australia
Geographic Based Information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics Website Pam Balfour Australian Bureau of Statistics
Spatial Information Technologies and Multi-Disciplinary Research in Urban Studies Sadasivam Karuppannan University of South Australia
The Analyst's Detection Support System - An Overview Peter Perry Sydac Pty Ltd
Geospatial Data Initiatives from the Bureau of Meteorology John Nairn Bureau of Meteorology
Place Names - A State, National and International Perspective Bill Watt Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure
Water Sensitive Urban Design Simon Beecham University of South Australia
South Australia Well Placed for a New CORS Infrastructure Dr Craig Roberts University of New South Wales
Lane Cove Tunnel – Surveying the Collapse Recovery Michelle Grose
[Keynote] "Mummy There is a Baby Crocodile in Our Shed" - Forays into Citizen Science Chris Daniels University of South Australia