What is the story of SID?

SICOM (Spatial Information Committee) was South Australia's major forum for information exchange and discussion on all issues associated with spatial information. It had representations from the state, federal and local government, academia and the industry.

SICOM met monthly to discuss technical issues and to exchange information on current spatial projects and new developments. It also provided technical and policy advice to the group responsible for coordinating spatial information activities across the state government: the Government Spatial Executive Committee (GSEC). Due to its wide membership, SICOM also played an important role in formulating joint industry views for consideration by relevant organisations.

In partnership with GSEC, SICOM participated in coordinating government and state spatial initiatives. This had become increasingly important over the last three years since the inception of the Spatial Information Industry Program. The program aimed to develop a sustainable niche industry in spatial information within South Australia by leveraging government developments (both local and state) via an alliance partnership with Fujitsu Australia. SICOM provided a key focal point for government, industry and academic consultation for ongoing and proposed spatial projects being conducted under the alliance partnership.

In consultation with other relevant groups, SICOM worked to ensure a collaborative and strategic approach to development of the state's spatial information infrastructure. This infrastructure comprises the fundamental data, management frameworks, technology, skills and clearinghouse mechanisms that ultimately lead to the successful delivery of consistent and accurate spatial information to the user.

One of SICOM's goals was to develop an effective spatial information communication strategy extending across state and local government, industry, academia and the wider community. SICOM recognised there was no regular forum in South Australia for exchanging information between members of the wider spatial community. The idea of a regular seminar i.e. SICOM Spatial Information Seminar (later known as Spatial Information Day) was born.

The inaugural Spatial Information Day was held in 2000 which was sponsored by the state government. Developments within the spatial information industry and their applications to government and private sector projects were demonstrated each year to 300 delegates.