About us

Spatial Information Day is the spatial sciences conference that started in South Australia in 2000. Its purpose is to give individuals and organisations the platform to showcase their innovative spatial projects and technologies to hundreds of their peers in a relaxed and friendly environment.
Our vision is to provide an annual opportunity for all participants in the spatial industry to learn, share and collaborate through an accessible one-day event showcasing new projects, technologies and initiatives within the spatial industry in South Australia and beyond

How and why did SID begin?

The original goal of the SID pioneers, the Spatial Information Committee (SICOM), was to develop an effective spatial information communication strategy extending across state and local government, industry, academia, and the wider spatial community.

There was no regular forum in South Australia for exchanging information between members of the spatial community. The idea of a regular seminar (dubbed SICOM Spatial Information Seminar) was born.

Various industry bodies have contributed to SID over the years, including SICOM, AURISA, SSI, SSSI, SIBA and BuildSA. A key to the ongoing success of SID is that the conference aims to be inclusive of all industry bodies.

Is SID for me?

SID is attended by a diverse range of people. We have students, graduates, young professionals, senior professionals, executives and company representatives from government, academia, industries, and businesses. We are confident you will fit in.

Why should I attend SID?

In addition to the ample networking opportunities, you get to learn the latest techniques and theories from professionals, and the latest innovative products from companies. We believe you will get excellent value for the cost of your ticket.
The Committee

Who organises SID?

A group of volunteers runs the show. We love what we do. We challenge ourselves to be innovative, and every year we continue to rethink every aspect of the conference. We are committed to deliver the best conference experience for you.
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Franco Rea
The Chairman
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Duane van Schoonhoven
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David Tran
Website, Print Design
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Gemma Walker
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Anna Paussa
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Imogen Craig
Sponsorship and Promotion
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Graham Walker
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Sam Fulton
Young Professionals Representative

Contact Us

Contact Us
We invite you to contact the SSSI-SA office to reach the SID and APSEA-SA committee to ask questions, recommend potential keynote presenters or yourself, or provide constructive feedback regarding the events.
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